Friday, August 19, 2011

Takin' a Greyhound...

I have to share this funny tradition that is pretty silly but has been in effect for 15 years since we first got our doggies.  Somehow in the whole daily feeding I started something silly.  Don't judge me cause' it is really kind of kooky, but the dogs and I would give thanks for their food before they ate it.  I know, I know, I'm totally whacked.  So the mantra has always been, "Thank you Jesus for our crunchies, Amen."  The funny thing, the tradition is so ingrained the dogs will not eat until we have 'grace' together.  I'm serious, sometimes I will forget and move on with whatever, only to return and find the dogs still waiting to eat.  Check out the photos.

Pre Prayer
Post Prayer
Lady isn't in the pictures because she was a little shy.  Plus, she is deaf so I couldn't exactly call her to the table if you know what I mean.

So, my new venture....

I want you to do me a favor.  If at any time you see, talk to, or text a certain Ray Griffin I want you to tell him that adopting a retired Greyhound would be an excellent cause to support.  When I say retired they are usually only a few years old and their racing is done so basically they are considered 'finished' if you catch my drift.  By adopting them you are saving them from a possible demise.  In addition, they are lovely, gentle creatures, fabulous with kids and adults alike. 
I think one would complement Lady and Buddy so nicely as they deal with their twilight years, given their gentle nature.

How did I come up with this idea/desire?  Leave it to the Greyhound rescue organization that comes to the farmers market in hopes of raising awareness and finding potential adoptive 'parents'. 

Ray 'won't let' me get one.  Now, in all fairness to him I see his point in potty and vomit clean up, trying to grow grass and having a decent yard but guess who picks up all the potty and vomit anyway??  Although he did do all the grass repair which was very appreciated and turned out very nice.  However, in my defense Greyhounds aren't diggers and all that stuff.  Although running after one of them could be difficult if they got a hair in their bottom, a bee in their bonnet or whatever you call it. 

Plus, if I got one I could 'get em some religion' with the praying at mealtime gig :)

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