Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day Back

I had a moment of terror when I thought school started yesterday instead of today.  Fortunately I realized before the kids were dressed and delivered to school.  I will blame my confusion on Facebook.  I started seeing all these fabulous first day of school photos and hence, my moment of panic set in.  I ran to the calendar, checked the school calendar and breathed a hefty sigh of relief.  Come to find out a lot of the photos were either from othe districts or just certain grades.

So today actually WAS the first day and of course, I have to post the photos.  Jaimey had a lot of butterflies so could hardly eat.  She was dressed and ready by 7:30 and spent the following hour staring at herself in the mirror, checking out her hair.  And so it begins...  She had her outfit all picked out for weeks now and was pretty excited to be wearing her new boots and jeans.  In 97 degree weather.  Whatever.  She is really excited to be in 4th grade for the following reasons:  she gets her own desk AND she has moved to the 4th and 5th corridor of the school.

Will was his usual self - cranky, complaining and generally grumpy at the thought of returning to school.  However to his credit, he had his outfit picked out.  He wanted to wear his new Shaun White shirt with shorts.  On the other hand, he wanted to take his teddy bear to school.  I had to put the brakes on that one...

Notice Jaimey's hand on her hip?  Oh boy.

Aforementioned teddy bear named "Commander Pookie"


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  1. They are adorable!

    Grey wanted to bring his huge stuffed bunny but I told him he couldn't. You are a better parent than me!

    So bunny is waiting for his return in the car.


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