Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mid Week Break

It has been awhile since I have posted.  Last week was difficult.  Nothing compared to what many people go through but for me it was tricky.  Everything hurts (physically with a little mental thrown in for good measure). I'm venturing into some unknown waters that may or may not succeed and that is hard since I'm putting such an effort into it.  So far, anything that could go against me regarding it has happened so we will see...My farmer's market job is going to be wrapping up for the season in a couple weeks and that is taking some getting used to.  I look forward to resuming it in April (unless they decide to fire me.)

Our dear dog Buddy got extremely ill requiring him to be hospitalized. We thought the time had come to say goodbye to our 15 year old partner in crime. I'm happy to say he is back to full strength, he made quite an impression on the vet's office with his demeanor so I am very proud of him. They also clipped his nails and sent him home wearing quite a dapper bandana.
Yesterday Ray and I had some appts to tend to in Portland so we decided to take some time out since the kids were in school. We basically went restaurant hopping, something we are very good at! Check it out...

First stop always involves coffee.  We started at Stumptown Coffee located inside the Ace Hotel.  Great pastries by Little t Baker - lemon curd biscuits for Ray and a chocolate croissant for me.  Beautiful latte art as you can see.  Somehow Stumptown coffee is better in Portland than in Salem.  Go figure.

Next stop was Cargo.  A shop that is very eclectic with lots of Asian and Mexican inspired goods.  Super fun so plan on spending some time to throughly absorb the experience.  I have posted on this store before because I love it.  All our stops were in Portland's Pearl District.
This saint had a tiny price ticket of only 2200.00 :)
I love this burger place..called Big Little Burger.  They have the absolute best veggie burger I have ever eaten in my entire life.  That is no joke, I've had a lot.  Most burger places whip out a garden burger when you order veggie.  This was so good that I went BACK to tell the staff how much I enjoyed it.  I was told that I was actually was given a cheeseburger :)  Just kidding but wouldn't that have been funny?
Toasted Almond Affogato from Mia Gelato
Now their fries...these are no ordinary fries.  They are sliced Yukon Golds seasoned with Truffle Oil and salt.  Oh my word!  Divine on a plate.  Not only that but they serve it with this ketchup made in Portland.  Craziest thing, ingredients included champagne vinegar and hemp seed, of all things.  It was so delicious and again, everything was local and made from scratch.

We checked out some books in Powell's because we cannot ever walk by without going in.  As always, the mecca of all things book related.  In this day and age of Kindles and Notebooks, I find bookstores a welcome relief (even though they sell them.)

Final stop was at Mia Gelato, a beautiful little italian cafe that makes a delicious Affogato.  An Affogato includes a scoop of gelato topped with 1-2 shots hot espresso.  I had toasted almond and Ray chose coconut.

It is no surprise I passd out in the car on the way from a carb induced coma, even with espresso coursing through my veins.  Great day, great food, great time with The Man!

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  1. That sounds like such a fun and tasty day!! I want to go now:)
    p.s. for the record - I'm totally with you on the Stumptown thing....


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