Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Box

I have a love hate relationship with Red Box DVD rentals.  I love it for convenience sake.  You can rent it on the spur of the moment if there is something you want to see and it is cheap....IF you return it the next day.

So guess what I discovered in my purse this morning?  A DVD we rented 2 weeks ago!  It was "Everything Must Go" featuring Will Ferrell and it was an excellent film, however not that great to justify holding on to it for 2 weeks.

18.00 later and I'm feeling severely guilty.  Apparently as soon as you return a movie, it flags Ray's phone with a text that a movie has been returned, plus indicates the amount your account was charged.

About 5 seconds later Ray texts me with a "What the what"???  I told him with mistakes like those it is no wonder I have to back to work.

The nice thing?  He totally let me off the hook which was really kind.  See, in antipication of my schedule getting busier I have been cleaning out a lot of stuff, my purse being one of them!

Wow, funny things happen when you organize....

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