Friday, September 2, 2011

State Fair Financial Disaster

I'm hesitant to blog about anything remotely related to my children because I am so stinking mad at them today. I'm tired of the pushing, pinching and general rudeness between the two of them that all I want to do is stick them in their rooms. Like forever. Nevertheless here are some shots from our money wasting event at the State Fair. I mean where else do you get to spend 6 bucks on an Elephant Ear and 12 bucks for a corn dog? In the corn dog's defense it was 2 feet long. Yuck. The worst part? Both kids ate about 1 foot each!

There it all it's greasy glory!

The Fair is not the Fair without a visit to the Dairy Women of Oregon's ice cream booth.
Just to ride on that thing cost serious bucks.  We opted to walk instead.
How cute is that?
Post hatching
Sleepy Brown Swiss cows.  I just wanted to cuddle with them.
And what I ask would be an Oregon State Fair without this??? 

There were about 50 more besides these next to Mom!  She was passed out for good reason!

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