Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working Out With Boys

I take this class called "Strength, Conditioning and Agility."  Basically it is a type of class that involves alot of football style drills, pylometrics, sprints and the like.
It is taught by a lovely friend of mine who leaves the class in a puddle of sweat.  Good stuff.

However, I am feeling my age.  Last night I face planted 3 times, twisted my knee once and fell headlong into a wall.  The wall wasn't my fault though.

The problem with this class is several 'boys' take it.  By boys I'm talking 20 year olds, some a little younger.  Unfortunately,  I was the only girl (old lady) other than my instructor friend last night.  Thankfully one of my boxing coaches was there supporting me which helped on the encouragement level.

Sadly, I got paired up with one of those young 'boys' to run a drill.  In it you use a resistance band around your waist.  Your partner holds you back while you still try and sprint.  I was ready to cream him when he actually let go of me (purposefully) so that I went flying into the wall.  This was all out mean, let's see how the ol' lady reacts, laughing at me, type fall.

Obviously, this man child doesn't know who he is dealing with :) 

I was absolutely thrilled when his MAMA walked up to him and said "I'll see you at home honey, make sure your brother drives you!"

Who's laughing now?

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