Tuesday, October 4, 2011

6 Days Of Freedom

Including today I have 6 days of freedom left, not that I'm counting or anything.  My new job starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to it with as much enthusiasm as I would for an annual exam.

This evening we are meeting with our child care provider who will be picking our children up from school.  They are a highly reputed facility so my fears are calmed in that regard, it is just my heart that is struggling with it.

Even though our kids are in school full time, as a mother I would prefer to be part time in my employment.
However, there are a ton of unemployed people in Oregon so the fact I was even interviewed much less hired is pretty crazy.  My hope, if this works out would be to eventually get into a part time role.

So I'm going to be at Regence Blue Cross working for their Direct Health Solutions Division in their pharmacy claims dept.   I know you are all drooling with envy at how fascinating that sounds!  :) 
This will be a step of faith in terms of how this is going to look, affect our family etc.

We will know in a few weeks and if it isn't right I'm fairly certain we will know quickly as well. :)
The encouragement I have received has been so kind.  Huge thanks, it really helps as we transition into a new season.

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