A Miscommunication Of Epic Proportion

Boy, did I ever pull a doozey.  Last week I was the only girl present at my boxing class.  All 3 of the coaches/owners were preparing for a tournament and they were leaving in the morning.  When I got there they were sparring and working on their technique.  

When they saw I was there they asked me to be their 'partner'.  I was given permission to take turns with each of them and hit them repeatedly so they could practice blocking and ducking.   They didn't need ask twice.  Can you imagine having 3 guys at your disposal to just hit at?  Talk about getting out years of aggression!  One of them even asked me to just punch him in the stomach. Over and over and over.  Guess I picked a good night to come to class.

Anyway, final round I was with the main trainer and he is quite the go getter.  I have trained with him since March and I have to say, he is a great person to learn from.  I think he taught me a little too well however in the way of defense.  I misread his cue and proceeded to kick him so hard in the crotch he dropped to the floor.  I felt horrible and boy did he read me the riot act.  I was extremely apologetic  but all he could do was hobble to the bathroom.  Word on the street is he was scared he was pee peeing blood.  I didn't stick around to find out.  I couldn't bear to make eye contact with the poor guy after what I had done.  I felt terrible!

Fortunately we talked, all is fine and he went on the win the tournament, no permanent damage, no bad feelings,etc.

The funny thing?   All 3 of them went out and bought 'athletic supporters.' 


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