Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pacific City Weekend

For those who aren't very familiar with the little burb called Pacific City I can tell you that it has 2 sides to it.  On one side of town there is a lot of surfing, galleries, coffeehouse and a really great hotel and brew pub.  On the other side however you can see firsthand the impact that the current 10.2% Oregon unemployment rate can have.

It is a beautiful little place, a bit melancholy this time of year but a lovely coastline all the same.  We had a great opportunity to spend the weekend with dear, dear friends in a tiny cabin they had rented for the weekend.  Talk about cozy - it was awesome!  We even brought the kids and our friends brought their huge Rottweiler dog who is family to us all.

When we checked in Friday night we were told there were no linens and there wasn't an oven.  The forest Ranger said we could buy linen packs for 12 bucks but if we did one of us would have to walk with him to get them since he didn't want to go by himself in the dark.  ?????  Apparently he had seen three bears in the park...hmmm.  I'm thinking of a certain story.

He then told us there was a queen size bed in the cabin but it was a twin size bed.  HUH????  I'm serious we started looking around the room for a candid camera, especially when he finally got his nerve up and went for the sheets.  He returned with these dirty plastic tubs of sheet packs that resembled bags of Depends.  I was beside myself laughing so hard.  But the fun didn't stop there. The ranger pulled a fake spider out at me causing a massive upheaval in the office. 

 Since we didn't have an oven and we had brought take and bake pizza for a quick meal the guys decided to grill it on the BBQ (leaving it in the paper pizza round I might add.)  See photo below for the molten mass it created.

We had such a great time together. Hiking the dunes, feeding bunnies, going out for fish and chips, reading, taking naps, and laughing A LOT.  The weekend was just what I needed!

Actually I will have to post photos tomorrow.  I'm looking at the time and I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon since I have to get up early and go this thing called work.

Stay tuned....

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