Monday, October 17, 2011


Sundays are taking on a bit of a new flavor around here, now that schedules have changed.  I look at them as more of a prep time for the week ahead.  This is not to say that the beauty of Sunday has decreased in my mind.  It is just the 2 hour book and nap time have become a fond memory.

I like the idea of preparing some food/meals for the week ahead so that when I get home I'm not entirely frazzled by the 'what should I make for dinner' syndrome.

Now while it sounds like a lot, it really isn't because I enjoy cooking (for the most part.)

First I hardboiled some eggs to have for breakfasts.  I also put some oats on to soak to which I added vanilla, cinnamon, flax and pumpkin puree.  I cooked it this morning and sprinkled raw, shelled sunflower seeds over it. 

I made pumpkin spice bread but I totally changed up the recipe using wheat flour, flax and coconut oil.  It turned out really good and for some extra protein, almond butter is pretty nice on it.

Then I made Paula Deen's Monster Cookies.  They are chock full of great ingredients and are perfect for the kid's lunches (OK and mine too!)

I sauteed organic chicken breast with herbs and olive oil because I am going to be making a penne pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms and gorgonzola this week.

I roasted up butternut and acorn squash (Ray had to use a handsaw to cut the butternut squash in half!)  Yes, I will be posting photos!
I am planning to make a squash soup this week with coconut milk, chicken broth and all that good stuff.

Next I made a casserole for tonight's dinner since I was going to be at a class.

At this point the last thing I wanted to make was dinner!

I'm not sure if any of this stuff will even taste good but at least it sounds impressive!  :)

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  1. Whoa! That's impressive! I just bought a butternut squash yesterday with plans to make some soup. Fall food is so delish:)


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