Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trail Running

Why would I go trail running on a rainy Sunday afternoon when I could have been at home napping?  Oh that's right...stupidity!

Ray and I have been wanting to do a type of trail run up at a beautiful state park near where we live.  Figured today was a good choice.  The weather report said 67 degrees and sunny.  Apparently that is Oregonese for rain, rain and more rain.

We only did a 5k but then somehow added on a mile because we got kind of lost  turned around.  Due to the fact that we got lost  turned around, we had to make up a little time so we decided to take a different route back.  We certainly paid for it.  We had no choice but to go up and I do mean UP.   It was so steep that I was drooling out my mouth from the exertion and Ray vomited.  Perhaps that is why the trail was named "Monster Hill" Aptly named.

Looking back it was hilarious to hear our complaints.  It was like we were in our 40's or something :)  Everything from 'my knees are killing me' to 'I shouldn't have eaten that donut before we left.'

We are so excited to do it again!

Guess what?  Today my Grandpa and Grandma celebrated 65 years of marriage!  Now, if that isn't an accomplishment I don't know what is!
Love you Gramps and Grandma!!!!

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