Wednesday, November 30, 2011


An interesting little lesson for me today...

Ray and I often coordinate schedules via text message in the mornings since I leave really early for work.

This morning Ray had texted me some concerns he had about a situation.  How is that for vague?  But, in the interest of client/attorney privilege, HIPPA rights, the Privacy Act and all that yada yada yada, I will refrain from specifics.  :)

Several minutes later a text arrives from his phone.

"This is jam."

Wow.  What is up with the new lingo?  I must be out of the loop.  Figuring 'jam' meant something bad I texted back, "Jam as in F'd up?"

OK, a little disclaimer for you.   I have been working on checking my language.  Look at my progress.  I didn't type out the bad word in my text OR in this blog.  Yay me.   

So, I get a text back.

"Mom, this is Jaimey, daddy wants to know if you are picking us up at school today."

Gulp.  Lesson learned. 

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