I hate how you can just be doing your thing and in the course of a day a curveball lands everything in the toilet.  I'm going to spare you the details but suffice to say it leaves me feeling like I'm going to throw up all day long.  I kind of wish I would, just to get rid of the feeling and perhaps drop a few pounds while I'm at it.  How dare adversity come my way!  Of all the nerve!  Because it's all about me, right??  Yeah, not so much.

I go through this thing in which I tend to get a sense of dread at times.  It is like I feel something is about to change and not necessarily for the better. A little mantra goes through my head to the tune of, "Uh oh, things have been going pretty well it must be time for some trials."  Sure enough, BAM!  I even try to stop myself from thinking that way but it still happens, dang it. 

For now, I have to rely on some faith here and remind myself I am not alone, there is a purpose and a plan. 

Let it be known however, the whole faith process can be awfully difficult for someone like me!


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