Life takes on a routine all it's own.  If I'm not careful I find myself plodding through drudgery.  I'm a pretty simple person.  I like the little things but I admit, I like a lot of them.  At work I have my little schedule and it helps me get through the day.  So sad, you could set a clock to it.

8:15 - I fix myself Constant Comment tea at the ol' office.

10:00 - I bust out of the building and walk to my favorite weekday hangout for coffee.  Twice weekly I get myself a Pain Au Chocolat whether my hips need it or not.

12:00 - I pull on the grubby workout wear and go running.  One thing I appreciate about my work is the fact it sits in a great area of downtown.

(Sometimes I will really kick it up a notch and go to the library - I know, you can't stand how wild I am)

12:45 - I slam my lunch down which typically is PBJ on wheat, 16 almonds, 1 string cheese and 1 apple.  Unless I go to Rice Time on High Street.  Then it is Udon soup.  Am I predictable or what?

1- 3pm:  Watch the clock :)

Went to Target today and fell in LOVE with the Christmas sets.  Beautiful stuff, my heart was beating wildly out of excitement.

I also got this...


It will get your Christmas spirit seriously accelerated.


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