Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was a beautiful thing.  4 whole days off, a total luxury.  As a family we really maxed out the time with one fun activity after another.  They weren't huge events and I think that is what made the days special.  The little things are so good!

Thanksgiving dinner together with lots of pie and gravy (no gravy on the pie though!)
Thanksgiving morning run to help combat the millions of calories
Eggnog lattes
Christmas music
The movie, 'Elf"
Decorating sugar cookies, rice crispy squares and creepy puffed rice balls
Homemade caramel corn (I'm sensing a food theme here)
Christmas tree hunting
Hot chocolate
Time with friends
Christmas lights up on the house (which then decided to go out in spots AFTER they were on the trim!)
Raking leaves
Decorating the front porch
Morning hike
Lots of pictures
The original Miracle on 34th Street movie
Thanksgiving leftovers
Tree decorating
Library visit for some classic Christmas books (I highly recommend Mousekin's Christmas Eve by Edna Miller)
Designing Christmas cards (compliments of Snapfish!)
Boycotting Black Friday
Civil War game - Oh I almost forgot, the Ducks won.
Lots of laughing
Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack (over and over and over)
Freecycled our TV (long story)

Some photos for you - the leaves are gorgeous right now.  Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

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