Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Words Shared With Mom

My mom was in the hospital yesterday and we met her anthesiologist.  He stopped by to 'welcome' her if you will.

I told Mom ahead of time that I was looking forward to her humor once she was nicely sedated.

Right away my started engaging the anesthesiologist in conversation.  She glanced over at me with a conspiratory grin and said,

"Jessica, is he like the most handsome man you have ever seen in your life or what?"

Of course, he ate it up like he is told that all the time.  My mom is awesome at engaging people in conversation, whether she is drugged or not.  It doesn't matter who they are, she is extremely genuine.
So, of course she continued to ask him questions about himself, where he lived, his first name and such.

He told us his name, apparently his parents had met in a certain town and eventually decided to name their son after it.

To which my mother responded,

"So, I wonder if you were conceived in that town as well!"

Oh my. 

Mom said 2 radiologists, 1 surgeon and 1 nurse all reminded her of me.  Apparently we all had similar looking bangs.  However, I'm not even sure they were all women.  I was a bit scared to ask.

On the way home last evening she saw a car ahead of us and we could see these round logs in the back of it. 

Mom wondered if they were possibly pipe bombs.

Or dynamite.

Or both.

My mom is so awesome!  I love her!

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  1. I LOVE this! When Anna had her last surgery they gave her something to make her loopy so she wouldn't be scared when they took her to the OR - then she proceeded to tell me how cute the orderly was!

    Hope everything with your mom is ok!


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