Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festival of Lights Parade

Last night we gathered with friends for the Festival of Lights parade.  This year our friends parked their cars early in the day in hopes to locate a great view point.  First we all met at our house for hot chocolate and cookies.  Then we bundled up and our families walked to the parade.  We then set up the vehicles with blankets, chairs, minivan seats, popcorn and more cocoa.  Will and Jaimey whined about the cold most of the time, which is pretty typical of them.  I admit, it WAS cold but the kids were bundled up like the little kid in the movie, "Christmas Story" where the little boy is so layered he keeps falling over.  Some of my favorites was the horse dressed like Santa, the Firemen walking the parade in their turndowns covered with lights and the Nativity scene.  My most disturbing image?  A couple of county inmates carrying shovels to scoop the horse manure. 

Check out the minivan seats - pretty cool!

Lots of fun, even for me.  Normally I skip out on this stuff because I turn into a weenie in the cold.  I actually was disappointed when it finished.  Looks like a new tradition has begun.
All told, we had 8 kids between our families

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