Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gifts for that Special Someone...

Or not...Depending on how you feel about your special someone.  After these gifts, you might make enemies.  While waiting for the parade to start last night a couple friends and I went to Walgreens to check out the latest Christmas loot.  We certainly weren't disappointed by the inventory.  Uh, not!

First on the list, how about some Pajama Jeans at the low, low price of 39.99?  Seriously, I can't understand this.  Are they for the people that literally hit the floor running in the mornings and don't have time to dress???
 Next up.  A hug light. sweet.  Fits so comfortably about the neck while reading? I didn't realize the stethoscope look was all the rage.

Because deep down we all want to be lazy.  All the time.  For 19.99 you can be lazy FOREVER! 

(My thanks to models, Cyndi and Karla for posing!)

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  1. I would love a hug light! Knitting in the dark, yo!


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