My Vacuum Ate Hans Solo

I've been a bit MIA lately because I got that nasty virus that is going around.  Whew!  I lost 8 lbs of water - not my ideal weight loss plan but heck, I'll take whatever I can get.

I had planned to put together little treats for my bosses as a little Christmas remembrance.  Now that they heard all the gory details of my 12 hrs spent in the bathroom, I'm rethinking the whole 'homemade treat' idea.  I think Starbucks cards might be a better option. 

Speaking of bosses, Ray got some interesting love gifts from a few employees.  Yesterday he received Panettone (italian fruitcake) drenched in chocolate and filled with vanilla pastry cream along with a 6 pk of Jubilale beer.  Because apparently cake and beer go hand in hand.

In my post sick stupor it appears I vacuumed up Will's Hans Solo lego guy.  Guess how he found it?  The kid actually went through the vacuum cannister that holds all the junk and located him.  Somehow this kid has a built in GPS when it comes to finding missing Legos.  But can he find his shoes when they are right in front of him?  I think not.

I have been to the post office 5 times now to get stamps.  Everytime the line is out the door. It appears it is not meant for me to send Christmas cards this year.  One of my co- workers got so sick of hearing my complaints she bought me a book of them when SHE was at the post office.  Thanks to her, my cards will be going out. 

 Now to finish my shopping...maybe my co-worker can do that for me as well!


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