Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scratch the Christmas Letter

I'm fighting some sadness along with a dose of stress for good measure.  After all, what would the holidays be without it, right?  As you know despite it all, I love Christmas and it truly is my favorite time of the year. 
This year a lot has happened in December and now we are a week away from Christmas. I wish the timing were a bit different.  However, timing is never right for this sort of thing.  This isn't the year to send the cheery, cliche Christmas letter bragging about achievements by any means.

Last night the kids had their cute school Christmas program.  Unfortunately directly after, several of the children started throwing up like a chain reaction type thing.  Naturally, Will was one of them.  Poor kids and poor school custodian is all I'm saying.  However, the school gave her a plate of cookies as thanks.  I'm pretty convinced she will be too scared to eat them.
What followed is a blur of vomit, cramping and diarrhea every 1/2 hr until 4:30 this morning.  I honestly have never seen him that ill. 

Ray and I both were clueless as to handle the child care issue, this being his busiest week of work for the year and myself just being in my job for 2 plus months.  Finally decided Ray would stay and he would work from home.  Guess so many kids got sick the health dept took over to figure out what caused this horrific outbreak at the school.  Seems like a large number are in the same boat!

Course Will is still quite sick, yet the work week isn't over.   No way Ray could miss again so we had no choice but for me to call off for tomorrow.  Not sure I will still be employed Monday but truly, we had no options.

2 days ago I found out a school mate of mind passed away suddenly by her own hand.  This grieves me, the suffering she endured to bring her to that point.  I pray for her peace.

Next on the list, Mom starts a new round of doc appts next week for phase 2 of her treatment.  Worried of course and praying this will be smooth and as uncomplicated as possible.  Love her tenacity through everything.  Can you believe it, she has still been trying to Christmas shop despite her exhaustion and soreness.  Aren't moms incredible?

Next, our lovely 15 yr old doggy has finally come to the point where the little dear needs to be relieved of her suffering.  So, it is with an extremely heavy heart that I take her to the vet tomorrow for what may be the last time.  Our family is really struggling with this.  Lady has been such a wonderful family dog,  we got her when she was two yrs old and she has been a very loving critter.  Yes, I admit, she loves getting into the trash and digging through kitty litter but at this point those nuisances are almost an endearing quality, crazy as that sounds!
I can't imagine this house or our day to day without her.

Well, sometimes it helps to write things out so here it is in all it's Griffin glory.  What do you think?  Pretty good Christmas letter to send out??  :)  I'm thinking I will pass this year!

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