Sunday, January 15, 2012


Our computer went kuputz so I am using the laptop.  I about freaked out when the whole thing just died on me.  I felt a sudden sense of panic at the thought of not having access to technology.  I'm trying to remain calm but I have a feeling a new computer may be in store because you know, we have all this extra cash lying around waiting to be spent.  :(

I had a total breakdown at work on Friday.  I swear, my emotional state is severely compromised these days.  Wait a minute, it is always compromised.  I totally wear my heart on my sleeve if you haven't guessed.

This was not a mini breakdown.  Oh heck no, that would have been too easy.  No this was full on snot running down, hiccuping tears, blotchy face and basically, a total loss of control.  I had come in to work that morning and the first thing was a coworker in Idaho trying to reach me.  I instant messaged him to ask if I was needed for a patient.  All he answered was, "Yep."  Crap.  When that happens you know that someone not only has your name, but a rant as well.  Crap, crap, crap.  Apparently the patient felt I had let her down because I misquoted some information to her.  I so remembered the situation from the day previous and I had charted our discussion down to a gnat's eyebrow because  I just had a feeling.  Anyway, I refused to speak with her, told my co-worker I was walking out and totally overreacted.  Here is why.  I had worked really hard on her situation, she threw me under the bus and I was in the midst of completing 18 hrs of overtime. 

Guess what?  Welcome to life, Jessica.  Sack up.  Pull up the ol' big girl panties and deal with it.  Save the dramatic breakdowns for the family :)

On another note, today I was doing some cleaning for the new week ahead.  Jaimey asked if we were having people over.  When I answered no and why was she asking she promptly replied that I only clean when people come over. 

Hand that girl a mop.  She is gonna pay for that remark :)

Baked potato soup on the stove, banana chocolate chip bread in the oven, stuffed shells prepped for tomorrow's dinner, family movie night tonight ~ complete with popcorn and licorice and snow falling outside.  Grateful for these moments....

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  1. I vacuumed yesterday and Ivy asked me who was coming over. I had to work to keep my snarky remark to myself (it would have been totally wasted on a three year old).


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