Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fired and Failures

Other than multiple birthdays, this weekend is looking a bit calmer.  So today, I'm prepping some food for the weekend to make meals a bit easier for the week.  My work schedule is changing again and I'm dreading it but in an effort to adjust, meal planning eases some of the stress.

I lost a good friend at work yesterday.  We trained together and I counted him as a comrade as we have struggled to adapt and learn really tough stuff.  Sadly, he was let go yesterday and I feel really bad about it.
I came back from lunch only to find our bosses cleaning out his desk.  At our work, (given the nature of our business) there is a very specific policy as to how your personals are handled. I will miss commiserating with him and stealing his candy from his Darth Vader candy jar.

For Christmas I bought Jaimey a Mother Daughter Book Club Set.  It contains a bunch of the classics in which we both read and then there is an activity book to accompany it.  Today we are kicking off our club which will begin at Starbucks (naturally) and then we will head to the library.

The minute I picked the children up from day care yesterday they started hitting each other in the back seat.  I'm not kidding, I wasn't even out of the parking lot.  I about turned the car around to bring them back into daycare!  Anyway, the craziness ensued at Target while we picked out 2 birthday presents.  Then it continued back into the car.  By then I was done.  I had worked 13 hrs of overtime and I was plum tired out from a nasty week.  Yes, I admit it.  I yelled, I made them cry and I accomplished absolutely nothing in how I handled it.  Then, I threw myself a pity party at my failure as a mother.  You know the drill we put ourselves through.

However, if you had seen their behavior you probably would have done the same thing.  Just kidding, maybe just tempted :)

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