Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tears and Fortune Cookies

A new week is about to start and I'm still recovering from the last one!  So minor when you compare to real life struggles but things affect me easily.  Our dogs were like an elderly couple.  They were extremely close and took care of each other.  So, when Lady passed away three weeks ago we weren't really surprised that Buddy followed her on Thursday.  I really miss them.  Ray put Buddy's dog tags on his key ring.  So now everytime I hear his keys rattle I think Buddy is in the room.  Reminds me of the whole bell ringy thing in It's a Wonderful Life! 

Had a great time with some very lovely gals last night in Portland.  We saw the new Tom Hanks movie and out of 8 of us ladies there were only 2 of us who didn't cry.  I can't believe I was one of them.  I'm a huge crier with movies.  I think I was already cried out from the previous few weeks.  Pretty good movie though and yes, very sad.  If you haven't cried in awhile and feel like you need the release of tears go see "Up Close and Extremely Loud." 

Afterwards we waited 2 hrs for dinner at PF Changs because yours truly neglected to make reservations.  Hey at least we got free appetizers?  While waiting, we went to some favorite haunts, Anthropologie where I almost spent a ton of money I didn't have.  We also went to Cacao, a fabulous drinking chocolate cafe.  I love that place.  I had the 72% dark Arriba hot chocolate and it was divine.

I threw a fit inside PF Changs because of the wait and on top of that they gave our table to somebody else, hence the free appetizers.  I think part of my anger was at myself for not making reservations but my friends saw yet another manisfestation of my bipolar tendencies.  No worries, we stole fortune cookies and left after we ate the free appetizers.  It's all good.

Hopefully I will get called for jury duty on Wednesday and there will be a long wait.  I'm in the 2nd book of The Hunger Games trilogy and I have a lot of catching up to do.

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