Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Italian Food (other then my Nana's)

Well, I'm off a new goal.  A few friends and myself are starting to train for the Portland Marathon in October.  Yes, we are starting 8 months in advance.  Yes, we are on a schedule and yes, we mean business.  Lest you think I'm all that please note this marathon will be done in the form of walking with SOME jogging.  Even so, I may need ambulatory assistance after mile 1.

Last night I had quite a surprise waiting for me!  An unexpected date.  Usually I hone in on this stuff like a bee to honey but in this rare instance I was caught unaware.  Ray had arranged our sitter for the children and had even made reservations to this fantastic place called 'Cara Micos' in Portland.  The restaurant opened in 1949 and I have a feeling it is the same manager as it was back then.  His name is Butch. It's a total authentic Italian experience from way back, especially in the form of the decor.  Most of the patrons were in the age range of our parents and you could tell they had been coming for years.  Like a Friday night tradition or something because the manager seemed to know many of the people.

If you want some incredible Italian food, you must visit this restaurant.  The best Spaghetti Carbonara ever in the history of the world.  I love that dish, it is a Roman classic and comfort food at it's finest.
Then came the Cappucino Chip ice cream.  Naturally I wanted to know from the server if it was house made or where they purchased it.  It had chocolate covered espresso beans in it for pete's sake.  You better know I'm going to ask where it came from because I'm going to want to buy it!  Of course I went on to discuss purchasing local and how they made their cheesecake, etc.  Unbeknownst to me however, Ray was absolutely cringing in his seat as my 'granola' nature took over.  Once again it appears I morphed into the character of "Carrie" in the show, Portlandia. 

Hey I'm OK with that and I will gladly take it as a compliment, even if she DOES wear Teva sandals with socks and capri pants!

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