Friday, February 10, 2012

Boycott Sears

I love when there is a sudden change in one's financial situation, all hell breaks loose.  I'm dealing with it by eating copious amounts of oreos, mashed potatoes, ice cream sandwiches and mac n cheese - yes, the frozen Stouffer's kind which is like crack in a box.  To my credit however, my ice cream sandwich was local AND organic.   

I love how when I went to the store for some supplies I was hit dead on with my most favorite item on my Pinterest wall right now.  What is up with that?  How is that timing even possible? Normally I would snatch it up without a moment's notice.  Today I gave pause and put it back on the shelf.  Oh the temptation though.  On a positive, it will be one less thing to move when our house gets foreclosed on.  See, to every circumstance there is a silver lining :)

I came home to a broken down washing machine. Again.  By the way don't ever buy anything from Sears.  Mark my words, I will never buy one more thing from those losers.   Everything in that store is ugly.  So there.  See, I feel better already.

Oh also, we or at least one of us were almost killed 2 days ago because the garage door's spring snapped while the door was going up.  You should see what it did to the wall in the garage when it hit.  I imagined it being one of our heads and was very thankful it was only the wall.

I guess I have been a little distracted.  I poured an entire pound of brown sugar and double quantity of baking soda in a half batch of cookie dough.  As if that wasn't enough I took my rolled oats for the cookies and somehow poured them into my popcorn popper.

Gotta love my kids.  They said they were the best cookies ever!

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