Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings... (remember that song?)

I had a doctor's appointment today.  My practitioner is a great lady, she comes with a very holistic approach to treatment.  Of course I love her for other reasons as well.  She brings her Golden Retriever to work everyday.  She is a trained therapy dog and she loves to hang out with patients.  Isn't that awesome?  When I had my miscarriage a few years back and was in for a (emotional) check up, there was Maura the dog waiting at my feet.  Such a sweet dog.  I wonder if I go to the doctor too much however because she always remembers me :)  Sometimes I must be boring though because she passes out and starts snoring.

Anyway, after going in detail regarding my blood work results she turned the conversation to the whole job loss situation and told me that out of the 5 components of one's well being I was currently lacking in 4 of them.  The only thing that remained in tact was my spirituality, according to her.  At times I would beg to differ.  While my faith can be shaken at times, it truly is the only thing that holds this ol' gal together. The nice thing is she validated a lot of my feelings and my need for some serious Vitamin D so I don't feel as crazy ass off my rocker as I originally thought.  I need names, facts and definitions to identify emotions.  To cure my Vitamin D deficiency I have been prescribed a week at a spa in Arizona.  I can dream.
Sounds more fun than downing a bunch of horse pills!

Well, I didn't hear back on the other job.  Goodness, a phone call would have been nice though.  Just a suggestion for those of those you that interview potential employees, a call back is so appreciated. On a nice note I have another interview on Thursday.  Hopefully I can calm down on this one and think through questions rather than rambling.

This is another job I was hoping to at least interview for so we will see.

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