Saturday, February 11, 2012


If you are local read the news about FedEx office and their robbery last night.  It happens to be Ray's store and I'm so grateful no one was hurt.  It certainly turned the house upside down last night.  The kids were absolutely terrified that something was going to happen to daddy. Puts things in perspective when I complain about trivialities.  A very scary situation for sure.

I'm working on our washing machine today while Ray opted to fix the garage door.  I hope I can get it fixed.  It would definitely make me feel better about my new found career as an appliance repair woman.  :)
Does it help that I have the plumber's crack to help complete the image?

I have been so blessed by the kindness of friends and family over these last few days.  I can't tell you enough how much your encouraging words, support and prayers have meant to me.  I am humbled by it.

I used to keep a journal and now my blog has become my journal, one in which I have no trouble sharing thoughts on apparently.  Anyway, it means a lot that you endure and put up with random musings and general ranting.

When I get published I will make sure and dedicate my book to all my faithful friends.  HeeHee!

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