A Positive and a Negative

I had my follow up mammogram yesterday.  They had to pull out the big guns which means using the mother of all squeezing devices to get a good look.  They kept looking and looking and looking, each time pressing oh so much harder.  Thankfully everything turned out fine and their finding wasn't a finding after all.

I got home to receive a phone call from the job I had applied for.  I got the usual yada, yada, let me down easy, it was between you and one other person speech.  I couldn't believe it but my voice actually started breaking on the phone during the conversation.  Yes, I was that disappointed.  I so wanted that job.  In my mind it was a perfect fit.  Of course, that is my earthly view speaking.  The hard part was I absolutely adored the people I interviewed with and found them to be so kind and delightful.  I felt it would be an honor to work along side of them.

Alas, it is not to be.  At least for now.  So, more resumes went out today in hopes of finding the right fit.  Maybe if I start volunteering a job will open up for me, isn't that how it usually works?  :)

On a good note, I get to dog sit for 4 days.  Is that perfect for me or what?  Oh my gosh!  I got it - my new career!


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