Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recipe Du Jour

Today I am trying a couple new recipes but they are for same old stuff, just variations.  I am trying a different formula for Banana Bread.  This one has chopped chunks of dark chocolate in it.  I know you will think I am crazy but I am leaving that part out.  Well, maybe.  Only because I will have it available for the kid's breakfasts.  Wait, so what's the problem about the dark chocolate again?  I will admit, this one is a bit decadent with butter and some sour cream as part of the ingredients.  I swear there was supposed to be applesauce in it but magically it is now missing from the recipe.  Hmmm...

I am also trying a homemade cereal bar that has some great protein but it also has...wait for it...marshmallows.  Does it help they are the mini ones?  Does the oatmeal, organic peanut butter and nuts cancel out the marshmallows?

If they turn out I will share the recipes.  I still want to post the biscuit one so I will keep a little list.

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  1. Did you figure out what job you are interviewing for today? Good luck my friend!


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