Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank You

I wanted to express how so very grateful I am for the support and prayers from my sweet readers and non readers as well.  I received 5 encouraging texts from 5 different women the morning of my interview and I was so touched by that.  I have been definitely GETTING more then I have been GIVING in my relationships lately.  2 lovely women invited me to coffee last week.  It was so great to reconnect with them.  I was able to have a fun game night with friends, an impromptu dinner with other friends, a very generous friend registering me for the Portland Marathon so I could still get in before the deadline and the list goes on. I am blessed.

I finally figured out the position I had applied for!  Fancy that! I was scanning the health care jobs on career builder and lo and behold, there it was!  I couldn't believe it.  It is a position in Employee Health and building their Wellness Program for Silverton Hospital.  Funny thing is, I walked away really hoping I would get it.  I will count it a miracle.  The list of applicants was incredibly long.  Don't you love our current unemployment rate in Oregon?  :(

The hours are great, full benefits for part time, lots of room to move up.  The sad thing is I think I put the nurse interviewing me in a semi state of panic when she witnessed my 'enthusiasm.'  Perhaps I looked a bit eager.  But as the interview proceeded I found myself getting more excited about the job.  I think she really freaked out when I started asking her about her life, work history, how long she had lived in Silverton, etc. who was interviewing who again?

By the way I think one of the new hip interview questions in style now is, "What is your passion"?  That one can be tough.  Is it a trick question?  Do they want you to answer that the job/career you are applying for is your passion? Because sometimes, a lot of the time your passion can be different than your work.  Sadly enough.  Your hope after all the years of schooling, loans and training it would be.  And if it isn't do you kind of 'pad' the answer or does one freely admit they are passionate about sky diving or whatever and if given the opportunity one would pursue it as a career?

Well, this whole thing has been out of my hands from the get go but I wanted to say I witnessed true friendship from wonderful peeps and it has been humbling.  I am in awe at how God has blessed me with such lovely people in my life.  Your support has not gone unnoticed. 

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