Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wrong Answer For The Wrong Job

Valentine's Day was pretty nice, all things considered.  My mom, who hasn't been to my house in months (given her treatments) wanted to drop by valentine treats.

I thought this was perfect, not only was I going to see my mom, but it would be a great opportunity to clean house.  There is nothing like knowing your mom is visiting to inspire some serious cleaning.

While she was visiting I told her she had to use the bathroom so she could see how clean it was.  I also made her sit in the front room so she could see I dusted plus I made her check my vaccum patterns in the carpet downstairs in the family room.  All in all, I think it went very well and she was very impressed.  Whew.  Now I'm off the hook for a while til she visits again.  I hope it is soon though, this is a great motivator for me.

For dinner I made a family comfort favorite.  I have been doing a lot of that lately.  Things like Shepherd's Pie, Baked Mac and Cheese, Lasagna and the like.  Perhaps it has been my state of mind to gather my family around me like little chicks.  Does that mean Ray is the Rooster though?  I don't think he would like to be dubbed as such.

Anyway, I'm going to be sharing a recipe for some biscuits that will make you forever change your opinion of biscuits.  Yes, they have butter and cream in them.  They are so worth it and you don't have to roll them and cut them out or any of that nonsense.  

Yesterday I posted that I have a job interview on Friday.  I hate to say this but I don't remember the description of the job.   I simply can't remember due to sending out so many resumes.  Goodness I hope they give me a layout of the position.  Otherwise this could go very bad. 

Can you imagine?

"What are your strengths that would make you the right fit for this position?"

"I can do latte art." 

"Oh wait scratch that - is this interview for the Child Abuse Advocate position or is it for the barista job?"  

"Ok, not the barista?  Forget the whole latte art comment.  Turns out I have Turetts."

And at that point my friends I think I would offer to see myself out without one shred of dignity left!

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