Adventures In Baker City

So if you blink on 1-84 in Eastern Oregon you will pass the town of Baker City, Oregon.  Try not to though because you will miss a little gem.
It sits near the border of Idaho and Oregon.  Boise is where you go for 'city shopping' (3 hours aways) and  La Grande is where you go if you want to find a Wal Mart (heaven forbid.)

It has been our tradition for several years running that we stop in Baker City for the night enroute to Idaho or back home to the valley.  We are as predictable as the couple waiting for their monthly AARP magazine.

There is nothing current in this town except for a (big sigh of relief)
Starbucks annex in the local Safeway.  I will forgive the manager for not knowing what Venti size meant, given the area.

Finding good food is a bit tricky.  Basically you have to follow the farmer.  Wherever he ends up, so do you.  Feeling brave we followed a crowd to the Inland Cafe, a old time diner that actually had quite a crowd for a Monday night.

You know it is a small town when you step into a cafe and everyone stops what they are doing to look at you.  What tipped them off?  Perhaps because I had ballet flats on and was texting on my phone.  By the way nobody uses iphones, etc.  They have real face to face conversations and make eye contact.  I know, weird.

I was scared what to order but I was shocked out of my gourd when I was told that all of their food was prepared from scratch and nothing was processed.  The menu was a total Grandma's Sunday dinner kind of menu.  Total comfort food.  Yes, I had to ask my questions while Ray cringed (he should be used to it by now) such as what do they use in their gravy, what kind of flour in their yeast rolls, do they use turkey breast, etc...
Hey, it was worth it.  I found myself eating the best open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy ever known to man.

It required a return stop the next morning for the same wonderful service and fantastic food.

The waitress wondered where we were from. She also asked how we found them.  When we told her we also located them on the internet, she was thrilled.

"You mean we are on the webber?  Fancy that!"


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