Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Battle of the Dinky

There comes a time in a boy's life...

I have to admit, I am at fault on this and Will  has to correct ME on it.  Since he was a baby I always called his little 'part' a dinky.  I know, my bad but I am the queen of nicknames and yes, it includes body parts.  Anyway, Will has known for quite a while that the proper name is a penis and you will be happy to know that I shared that with him, as did his father.  Will calls it a 'peNUS' but hey, it's close enough!

Well, as it can be with 8 year old boys (I'm assuming anyway) there is a bit more interest in how the whole thing works, what it's functions are, why peepee comes out where it does, why cold air can make it stand at attention and so on..

We are a pretty open household round these parts and so talking about such things doesn't bother us but it does becomes more of a class in human anatomy and physiology.  While I wax on about it though, Will gets bored and moves back to Legos.  Soon enough that is going to change and he will learn all about it.  I would prefer he would learn about it from us than the creepy middle schooler he has homeroom with or something. 

As of late, Will is convinced he has hair growing around his dinky.  Oops, I did it again.  Anyway, he told his dad about it and Ray went on to explain hair is down there for a purpose and all that jazz.  For the record, he DOESN'T.  

Obviously we aren't the first parents to have these funny events go on.  However, I am probably the stupidest one for sharing about in on a blog.

Will took the cake this morning when he said he probably needs to start shaving down there, along with the one hair in his armpit and the other one on his chest.

I am so not ready for this boy to grow older.  If he is already bent on no hair anywhere, he is going to need to train for competitive swimming and/or biking and we are going to go through a heck of a lot of razors.


  1. That is so funny - we call it a dinky too! LOL And it sounds like Will and Isaac are cut from the same cloth. Oh the fun of little boys :-) I had to stop kissing Isaac's ears about a month ago because he told me - "When you do that it makes my dinky tickle!" I almost died!!

  2. Oh Laura that is so awesome! I love it! Yep, boys are proving to be quite an adventure. Isaac cracks me up!


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