Monday, March 5, 2012

Fly Lady

I love things clean, orderly and tidy.  However, while my mind wants it nice, my ability to accomplish the required tasks is sorely lacking.  How is it my house is less tidy than when I was working?  I'm thinking it is due to the fact I was forced into a schedule and routine which actually was very good for my personality.  Now that life is a bit more 'unscheduled' I find myself back in the rut of starting tasks and not finishing them.  To my credit however, I have organized drawers and cabinets.

So in my pursuit of all things clean I happened upon this website from my Mama Revolution Facebook group I belong to.  Lots of crunchy mamas, right up my alley.  One of the ladies mentioned this website called 
What in the world is up with that name??

I went to the website and was disturbed by how cheesy the website graphics were but I moved past it and read on.  Of course she has all these kits and books you can buy but I'm not into that option.  I really got a kick out of her first 2 suggestions to start this whole cleaning schedule.

Her first one was "Shine your sink and smile." 

Next, wear lace up shoes because when you wear slippers or whatever you are less likely to get stuff done.  Whatever, but for the record I do wear tennis shoes :)

Ok, I decided to try the whole shine the sink and smile gig.  You do it in these stages of cleaning.  Fill the sink with bleach (uh, so not doing that)  I used vinegar instead and  let it soak.  Drain and take your cleanser (I used baking soda) and a toothbrush and start scrubbing all the little crevices that build up with gunk.  Use a different scrubby for the big areas.  Rinse and wipe down everything and take a towel to dry out and buff the sink.  Finally use windex (I used a vinegar/water mixture) to shine the sink. 

Here comes the big part...apparently the look of it so fabulous you can't help but smile.

I want to write a complaint because as of now, I still haven't smiled about it.  Not only that but it has increased my already long chore list and anyone in their right mind would have no time to do this everyday.

However, I will continue to wipe out the sink with the whole towel thing but I refuse to smile over it.  It has become my mission to prove Miss Fly Lady wrong.

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