Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye (Again.)

Yes, this is a picture of a rat and yes, my daughter is holding her and yes, the rat's tail is very long and scary to those who may not know her.  Don't let the tail fool you, it is super cute.  Little Winnie is Jaimey's pet rat.  Jaimey has loved and cared for her since we adopted her (the rat!) when she was 6 weeks old.  Winnie has been ill for a very long time. Rats aren't known to be very healthy, given the damp Northwest climate.  She has given our family many laughs and a lot of joy.  Sadly dear little Winnie had to be put to sleep on Monday.  It was very emotionally draining because our family loved her and Jaimey absolutely was smitten with her.  They made a little team.  Jaimey would read to her, play music and have tea parties.  She always would feed her little tidbits from breakfast and dinner.

Why this happened the day before Jaimey's 10th birthday is beyond me but it certainly trashed any celebrating.  We have a wonderful vet who specializes in 'pocket pets' and Jaimey knew it was the right decision.  My daughter is heartbroken and so am I.  I want to take her sadness away but I can't.  We are talking a lot about how much we love Winnie and all the funny things she did.  We cry together each night, we pray together but naturally the pain of missing her is still present.  It will be for a very long time.  Jaimey has asked that we keep her cage in her room for a while yet and she framing some darling little photos of her.   Ray brought home a lovely little flower to plant in Winnie's honor. Jaimey went through a loss like this when Sophie passed away almost 2 summers ago.  Even through the sadness she still wants rats because she wants to give them a good life, even though it is only for a while.  I'm not sure how much more my heart can take with all the losses this family has gone through lately.  To see your child grieving  takes the cake.  I am blessed by her sensitive caring heart.  Unfortunately I'm afraid this is only the beginning of heartaches this little girl will experience as she grows older.   Trust me, I will fight them all the way!

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