Saturday, March 31, 2012

Muppet Memories

Since the recent release of all things Muppets I have been sucked into the hype because I love them so much.  The Muppets went by the way side for a while and for a time if there was something referenced to Miss Piggy or Kermit, I would have to explain to the kids just who they were.  A tragedy, for sure!

There is something so comforting about the Muppets.  It is refreshing to watch them in light of all the junk that floods our airwaves currently.  For me, the Muppets represented a time in my life when I felt stability.  It was a wonderful blessing to be with my grandparents. 

For those who are old like me it was a big thing come Sunday evenings on TV.  There was a great lineup for kids at the time.  Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, The Muppets, and Wonderful World of Disney would dictate the lineup for the network's Sunday night TV shows.

I remember Grandma making us cooked chocolate pudding, the kind that developed a little skin on the top as it cooled in the fridge.  She had these ceramic cups she would routinely use for pudding. She never told us she was making it so the surprise was always exciting!   We would open the fridge and there they would sit - just waiting for us.  My cousin and I would yell in delight, especially when she brought out the Cool Whip.  Then, Grandma would let us have our pudding in the living room, cozied underneath the big yellow flowered quilt that we adored.  The music would start and for the next couple hours, everything was right in our world.

So it is funny now to see my kids enjoying the thing I loved as a kid.  Yesterday we were able to purchase Season 1 of the Muppets series and we watched the first one last night.  I got teary eyed as I recalled the different little skits.  I felt myself back on grandma and grandpa's living room floor, underneath that cozy quilt, eating chocolate pudding.  Sounds like I need to carry on the tradition with my kids

For now... Ma Na Ma Na.  If you don't know what that references you better You Tube it.  Quintessential Muppet skit.


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