Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Mom Pulled Someone Over

I consider my mom to be a rock star.  She has endured a lot over the years and a particularly hard one these past several months.  She continues to be my biggest cheerleader and always put others before herself.  Even at the hospital she is encouraging other patients even though she is one herself.

When I was in kindergarten I always wondered why she looked so different from the other moms.  The other moms would drop off their children clad in sensible polyester pants and conservative tops.  Mom on the other hand would show up tanned and clad in a jean mini skirt, halter top, turquoise jewelry and wedged Candy sandals. My mom was the one who brought our twin baby goats to class for show and tell. I think she was also the one that brought bran muffins with wheat germ for snack though.  I was really proud to be around her although I would get very protective if any man looked at her twice.  I would follow them and make dirty faces at their leering eyes.  You see, she was (and is) my hero and anyone that messed with her had to go through me first :)  Yes, even in first grade I was quite aggressive.

Fast forward to all these years later and my mom still kicks ass.  She would do anything for anyone and isn't shy about stepping up to help a cause.  She possesses a true heart of compassion for the forgotten, lonely people.  She even brings out trays of lemonade and watermelon to her yard maintenance guys in the summer.

So yesterday it was really rainy out near where she lives and she was following a school bus.  It was hard to see it because it was that sheeting kind of rain. When she got close enough however she noticed a brake and tail light were out.  She thought it over and figured they would find out soon enough when the bus returned to the yard.

Then she started thinking if her granchildren were on that bus wouldn't she want someone to let the driver know in order to avoid an accident.  So mom starts flashing her lights at the bus and trying to get the driver to pull over, which he finally did.  I imagine he was  nervous wondering if his bus was going to be bus jacked or whatever they call it for buses! 

Well mom did her duty and felt pretty dang good about it.  Leave it to my mom to pull over buses.  Next she will be flagging down police cars to let them know their siren is on :)

Go mommy! 

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