Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pasties Aren't Always English Meat Pies

In my job search today I was flitting about on Craig's List. Today I found something that caught my interest.  Maybe this could be something to tide me over just in the meantime.  It was for a Barista position.  Apparently there is a new cafe coming to town.  The name of the cafe is called Pasties Coffeehouse.  I thought it was a very unusual name for a coffeehouse but then wondered if they would be selling the English meat pies called Pasties... 

If you looked up the word 'gullible' in the dictionary I swear my name would be the definition.  Seriously.

Eagerly I read on when I discovered they were looking for approximately 10 professional women to join their team.  I was already looking to see where to send my resume.

Turns out in this particular case,  Pasties aren't English meat pies after all...

"We are looking for 10 upbeat, fun and professional ladies to work as baristas. Must have at least 6 months barista experience. Must be professional and punctual. Must be prepared and comfortable working in either board shorts/bikini bottoms and pasties only. Pasties will be supplied to ensure adherence to local laws. We plan to our new hires to start work in the next couple of weeks. Please send resume and photos to be considered. Best of luck to all applicants!"
There are so many comments I would love to make right now. So many comments.  But, in an effort to be appropriate I will refrain. 

I hope "Pasties" cautions the ladies to watch the milk steamer, however.  That could be one heck of a burn in a very sensitive area!

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