Our family finally made it back home safely.  We took the trip in 2 days which both the kids and I appreciated greatly.

It was really difficult to leave Idaho.  Usually both the family and us are ready for some distance because, let's face it, we are high maintenance.

But, even so, it was hard to say goodbye, kids hated leaving and I cried on the way out of town.  Granted, the events of the week prior were not something I would will on anyone but in all respect, Ray's family really bonded together.

Is it wrong that when we got home we wondered if we should consider moving to Salt Lake City just to be closer to them?  Our emotions are vexed.

I want to tell you about Baker City because our stay there was a hoot.  But first I must share one more story about Jan.  When Jaimey was 4 months old both of Ray's sisters (Jan being one of them) and their mom came to Oregon to vist.  The girls and I spent some nice time together and we decided to go downtown because the weather was so nice.  Jan stayed with me at the car while I got Jaimey out and ready for a walk.  She helped me with her little diaper bag.  When I thought I was all done she told me to wait a minute because I had forgotten a diaper.  She handed it to me and I looked at in confusion and then I realized...

"Jan, this is a maxi pad."  We laughed for days over that.

Love that girl!


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