Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Given spring break and Jaimey's recent birthday she is having a friend over today to stay the night.  I must admit I always hesitate having someone's child at our home overnight because in all honesty, I revert back to the 'maturity' of my childhood and my decision making skills tend to be compromised. A scary combo but it's all about the kids and THEIR fun, right?

I made some chocolate chip cookie batter for the girls to bake off.  Of course you can only guess who actually baked them. Of course I didn't eat any.  As if.  Then we sang some Muppets songs followed by the sacred ritual of painting toes and fingernails.

Then I let the kids jump on the downstairs couch...bad decision.  See what I mean?

Then I got these things called Party Pups from Trader Joes.  They are a glorified version of pigs in a blanket.  Kids tend to like them and so I thought, why not?  Hey, at least they don't have corn syrup.  Talk about conscientious parenting!   I might throw in some carrots on the side but I might not.  It depends if there are any cookies left over.  Cookies make a fabulous side dish.

Then I told the girls we could go to the video store so they could pick out a movie to watch this evening.  Then I promised a popcorn party to go with it.  Of course, hot chocolate will follow that but I'm saving the Green and Black Organic Cocoa for yours truly.  Kahlua may or may not be involved.  Stay tuned.

It is a terrible day to be the little brother.  The girls sent him on a 'scavenger' hunt.  A hunt that led to nowhere.  It was an evil plot devised by two 4th grade girls in order to remove Will from the premises.

His turn is coming and Jaimey will rue the day she ever teased her brother at a sleepover.  Meanwhile, what time are we going to TP the neighborhood?? 

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