Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, as some of you know this past week has been one from hell.  The nightmare started with a phone call.  Ray's sister had unexpectedly, tragically died and wasn't discovered for 4 days.  Ray called me and was in shock not quite comprehending the news.

He immediately left work, picked up the kids from school (I swear I would have forgot!) and came straight home.  We threw things in suitcases (interesting what we didn't pack, a bra for example) and our dear friends arrived to support and help in any way possible. Our lovely friends stepped right in letting us know they would keep watch on the house and care for our animals in our absence.  Talk about love and true evidence of friendship.

We jumped in the car and started heading for Southeast Idaho where all of Ray's family lives.  Lots of phone calls back and forth as we tried to piece together what had occurred.  There was a huge influx of text messages coming in from dear friends offering prayer, support and help.  I can't tell you enough how much it meant.  We were (and remain) humbled by it.  In the midst of life and busy schedules how comforting to know people cared and took time to check in with us.  Wow.  We don't deserve it.

The news we were given was in no way comforting and the knowledge of what happened to dear Jan made it that much more difficult to accept.  We were nervous as to how the family was coping to process this news.  As one knows, emotions, blame and lack of unity in an, at times, divided family can only heighten the strain.

We were blessed to see however, a miracle of family coming together in support of one another.  I don't think I had ever witnessed that before.  I believe it was (and is) due to all the prayers on our behalf.  Granted the weekend isn't over yet :)

Difficult days.  It is so hard to witness a parent grieving the loss of a child.  I feel it is a grief like no other.  My poor father in law, who deserves sainthood, couldn't get out bed the morning of the service. He was so ill that Ray's mother wondered if we were going to lose him.  His question?  "When will I wake up from this dream?"

Jan was a really lovely woman, loved adventure and was quite a remarkable lady in what she accomplished in her life.  Her ability to overcome obstacles and challenges was something to be admired.

Over the next few days I will probably share some of the humorous things that stand out in my mind in the times we shared and in her relationship with Ray. 

May I ask you to overlook my lack of grammar and run on sentences?


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