Monday, March 12, 2012

A 'Special' Gift

We continue to witness intentional acts of kindness from so many lovely friends.  We were told someone came over and mowed our lawn during our absence.  Another dear friend arranged some meals to be delivered once we arrive home.  Others have left little messages of sympathies.  All of this makes me feel so incredibly humbled.  I have seen first hand what it means to live in community.  May I also say it is a lot easier to give help rather than receive it?  Oh boy, I really fight accepting it.  But, I also am learning that if someone feels led to help in a specific way you should let them otherwise you are denying them the blessing of serving.  OK whatever but I will try and remember the next time I fight it.

I said in my last post I would share a little humor with you about Ray's sister, Jan.  The funny thing is this story was shared by his mom as she was reminiscing about Jan. It was what his mom said that sent me over the edge

Ray used to spend summers with Jan when she lived in Colorado.  Well, Jan used to smoke marijuana and Ray was 'educated' about it as well while living with her.

Ray's mom (Marg) tells us she was always curious about it and for a long time wanted to smoke it herself,  'just to see what it was like.'  Ummm, OK.

So Jan comes home to visit and Marg tells her about her curiosity with the effects of marijuana.  Jan took that into consideration apparently because when she left she addressed a little care package to her mom.  When Marg opened it she discovered a perfectly rolled joint with a little note attached, "Just to statisfy your curiosity."

While Marg was humored she didn't smoke it.  Rather she tucked it away thinking she might try it at another time.  She told us it was probably still packed away somewhere.

As we are laughing about Jan's 'generosity' I receive a text message from Ray who is sitting across the table from me.....

"I smoked that one LONG ago and replaced it with parsley." 

Why is it I'm not surprised?

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