Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Words: Bacon. Baguette

Yes, it is true.  I bought a bacon baguette today. My photo doesn't begin to do it justice however. The Salem Farmers Market was in full swing this morning and the weather was glorious.  So, after kid's haircuts we ventured down to see the latest.  I was thrilled to see some of my favorite vendors back plus some newbies as well.  I didn't purchase a large amount of veggies because our vegetable farm share will be kicking in soon.  When that starts we will receive a bin of fresh, organic, seasonal produce delivered straight to our doorstep.  We bought a share into a farm which will allow us to reap the benefits of local eating.

Anyway, back to the market...  Today I bought some Pork Cutlets from Great American Egg  which will be great for a quick grill. 

I also purchased some gorgeous fingerling potatoes from Pitchfork and Crow Fingerling potatoes are great.  They are small and a bit elongated in shape.  They roast quickly plus they season beautifully and lend a buttery taste.

So, a couple of new places I want to tell you about.  One I am working with to come to Silverton market called Rising Time Bread Company.  The idea is clever.  They sell artisan bread dough with take home instructions on how to bake in your own oven.  I like the concept.  Their booth had a line which is good to see, people are interested.  I bought 1 pound of dough which makes a big loaf.  I'm curious how it will turn out.  The sourdough sample I tried was fantastic.

My other new spot I tried was Sugarlilly Gourmet Cupcakes.  They were displayed so pretty and the flavors like the Smores one looked like something I could probably bathe in.  I let the kids split one but I licked some of the marshmallow meringue off the top.

Finally my Bacon Baguette.  The Bread Board had run out of plain ones but offered me a bacon one in it's place.  I immediately thought of Ray.  How could I refuse?  I tore off a bit at the top and I liked how the bacon didn't overpower their signature flavor of dough.  SO good.  Definitely serving that with dinner tonight. They have a location in Silverton now, a little hamlet if you will.  Absolutely adorable and classy with it's Italian yellow painted walls and gorgeous white plates and baskets.  Fantastic menu.  May I just say the owners are the kindest people.  I am excited they will be just across the little walking bridge at the Silverton Market.

Have a flavorful weekend!


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