Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conversations with an 8 Year Old

Well, I didn't expect this one coming.  On the way home from a dinner last night   I was a bit testy with Ray for reasons I will spare you.  Anyway, I dropped him off so he could pick up his truck and I left in a bit of a huff, meaning I dropped him at the curb and left him in a cloud of exhaust.

I guess Will sensed my frustration because he looked back and told me he couldn't see daddy and I told him that yes, because I had ran him over.  Aren't I awful?  I told him of course I didn't mean it but that I was a little bit frustrated.

He was quiet for awhile and then dropped the bomb.

"Mama, if you and daddy get divorced who will take care of us?"

Ooops.  Major mom fail. Someone smack me. 

A conversation ensued. I assured him this wasn't an issue and that we were committed to staying married.

That helped answer his question but he still persisted. "What happens to kids when their parents divorce and do parents choose to divorce because they want to?" I should have bribed him with donuts if it meant I wouldn't have to answer.  Personally, I think talking about how babies are made is easier than this topic.

I know as a child growing up with divorced parents it was so  confusing, especially when both parents weren't on the same page. His questions reminded me of all the things I had wondered about as a kid. 

Ray and I sat down with Will when we all got home and talked it out. We assured him that God willing and by God's grace, our family would not experience this. Ray also told him about the committment he made on our wedding day and while trials occur, we work through them - as difficult as those trials can be.  And we all know, they can be very difficult.

Even so, we said if something occurred beyond our control Will and Jaimey would always be our first priority and would always be loved no matter what. 

I think Will was satisified, he appears to have moved on. You know how kids can be in the middle of a deep conversation and suddenly yell, "Hey, look at my Lego creation!"   That's Will.

I thanked him for his honest questions, that instead of being fearful about it, he knew he could ask us.  That meant a lot to me as a mom.

But just a word of caution to you parents out there, especially the moms....

Don't EVER tell your kid you ran their dad over.  

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