Friday, April 13, 2012

Dancing To The Tune of 5 Grand

I knew this day was coming but I had hoped it was a few years away.  We had the infamous Orthodonist appointment yesterday.  This was the one where they confirmed that yes, Jaimey needs braces.  At least they had been warning us for the last two years so it wasn't a complete shock.

A positive, I know millions of parents deal with it every day but for the record, I am blaming Ray's genetics.  Sorry, hon. 

Jaimey has too much space in her mouth for teeth.  She has officially lost all of her baby teeth (sniff, sniff.)  I figured she had been filling up the space with all of her talking.  Apparently it was unsuccessful, darn it all.  Funny, she is low on the weight/height percentile but is skyrocketing with the whole teeth thing. 

So, we will embark on 16 months of braces and bands,  6 week adjustments which will be  followed by at least 1 year of a retainer.

This will come with a price tag of 5 grand.  Oh yeah baby, bring it!  Yes, we have insurance which covers a portion so that helps.

Anyway, my kids can be real butts but there are times when I truly feel unworthy to be their mother.

Take this for example,

Jaimey apologized for the fact she needs braces because "I know it is a lot of money and I'm sorry I need them."  Just so you know, I about got in a car accident due to tear filled eyes and reassuring her that money wasn't a problem at all (cough) but the fact she could have healthy teeth was a huge blessing.  Then I took her to Starbucks.  After a comment like that, she deserved it!  Truly though, the blessing of having access to dental care is a huge luxury and we are grateful.

(Another funny is yesterday morning I specifically prayed for God to lead and guide my day and to allow His way in my life.  That wasn't the answer I had in mind.  I'm kind of scared to keep praying with answers like that!)   :)

This morning Will tells me he wants to donate his savings to Jaimey.  "I want to give it to help with the cost of her braces."

Uh, excuse me?  Who replaced my son with another kid?

So funny, they work so hard at making each other mad but every once in a while I see a glimmer of hope for their relationship.

One other positive, the bands comes in all sorts of cool colors, that alone is worth 5 grand, right??

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