Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everyone Had A Black Coat On

I had a job interview today.  I had spoken with my potential employer via telephone.  He suggested we meet at The Beanery for coffee while we discussed the position.  He told me that he would be wearing a dark coat with a black notebook.  OK, this description isn't the most comforting!

9:15 rolls around and I walk into the coffeehouse trying to be professional without looking desperate.  I'm confused.  Maybe it is the subdued lighting or I am blind but there are a lot of men wearing black jackets and using dark notebooks/laptops. Did this coffeehouse turn into FBI headquarters?  So I order coffee and proceed to make eye contact with every single one of the men sitting there with a sort of raised eyebrow kinda are you looking for me sort of creepy way.  They look back at me as if to say "Since when did this place become a pick up bar?"  No one takes my bait so I get my coffee and proceed to walk past every table for a closer look.  The place was pretty crowded and yet there were only 2 women so it took me awhile.  One guy looked vaguely interested but not in a professional way, if you know what I mean.  Finally after making an obvious fool of myself I choose a seat where I can keep watch.  I rule the one guy out who is sporting the Rasda look and smelling like Patchouli.  I know you think I'm crazy but I love that smell, by the way.  I also rule out the guy with the pink laptop. I pray it isn't the guy using extremely foul language and I pray it isn't one of the 2 women sitting there because if so, she needs more hormones.

Ends up the employer was late.  He wasn't a woman, he didn't have a pink laptop, he wasn't wearing Patchouli and he wasn't wearing a black jacket.  He was however, sporting a big nametag with his name and company on it.  I wish he would have told me that ahead of time.

All that embarrassment for nothing....but hey, it gave me something to blog about!  Oh and also, he offered me the job.

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