Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Call me behind the times but I keep it pretty old school when it comes to dyeing Easter eggs.  I just have never been good at getting my crafty on.  So while others are blowing the yolks out and painting the shells, steeping them in a variety of teas, silk ties and beet juice I gravitate towards the good ol' food color.  Bear in mind I am using organic, local, pasture raised brown eggs.  Does that make up for the fake dye? Although don't get me wrong, the dyes at Whole Foods are worth drooling over.

I hid a real egg amongst the decorative fake ones for the kids tofind.  Leave it to me to forget it's in there.

OK, I did knit this bowl and then felted it.  This is the one craft that actually turned out. 
How do you like your eggs?

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