Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Job Jitters

Yesterday I met with my employment network group.  Great people looking for everything from barista positions to inhalation toxicology.   Every time we meet we have to go round robin and give what they call, an elevator pitch.  Most humiliating thing ever.  I notice I said a lot of 'uhs' and 'you know, like' which are big no no's during an interview.

Anyhoo, decided I would do my due diligence so went to follow up on a position I had applied for since I hadn't heard anything (um, that would be because they don't want to hire me. Duh.)

Of course I get there and the hiring manager isn't in. I didn't call ahead because I am told for this position they like to put a face to the applicant.  In case you are wondering it WASN'T bikini coffee company.

The gal was very kind and asked me for my first name.  I said, "Jessica."  Then she asked for my last name.  I said, "Jessica." 

Yup, pretty sure I got this one in the bag.

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