Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restaurant Review

I had mentioned in a former post that I was going to check out both a restaurant and coffeehouse/bakery while at the beach.  Well, this one is on the way to said beach so figured it still counted.  Enter Camp 18 Restaurant located in Elsie, Oregon.  This was originally a logging camp back in the day so a lot of the original equipment remains.  It is a touristy type stopping place and I have to say,  really beautiful in terms of the area.  The food is your typical logger type, family style, eat on log tables, saddle up to your plate kind of meal. 

 Case in point.  This cinnamon roll looks like it has been on steroids.  Yes, my daughter ordered this and the worst part?  We let her.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer size of the thing.  Whether or not she finished it is up for you to decide.  Unfortunately I ordered beer battered fries with ranch, much to my demise. 

 I love this little espresso/bakery in the small hamlet of Gearhart.  It is within walking distance of the entire town and I found it way too easy to casually show up there each morning. 
Pacific Way Bakery can make your mocha faster than anything I have ever seen.  They make Starbucks look like a slow moving vehicle.  Plus, the owner makes all the drinks and they are fab.  Now I wouldn't know this or anything but word on the street is the Blackberry Tartlets are worth eating.  I'm just saying.

Oh also, bring your dog!  If the weather is nice you can sit outside with your furry friends while showing off your dog's cool collar and excellent manners to passerbys.  It is all the rage and oh so French. 

Finally some final photos of the glorious weather before tomorrow's topic.


  1. I want that cinnamon roll! LOL - love it!

  2. I did try it Laura and it was crazy good! :)


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