Thursday, April 19, 2012

Retreat and Cleaning Products

This weekend we are leaving for Gearhart which is a small, adorable little town on the Oregon coast.  We are going to a leadership conference with the team we serve with for our community group.  You can be honest, I know you are wondering how someone like me can EVER be in a leadership role?  I guess God works in mysterious ways :)

While I am gone I will be reviewing one restaurant and one coffeehouse for your reading pleasure.  Should one ever venture to that part of the coastline you will know where to stop based on my expert opinion. 

Actually better scratch that idea.

Have you ever heard of this product? 

It's called Lemi Shine.

It is designed to remove hard water stains from your dishes, toilets, shower doors, etc.  It was recommended to me by family in Idaho.  I'm not sure why you would want to even know this but Idaho has very hard water.  We do also, in our bedroom community.  I wish my butt was as hard as our water - that would be awesome.


My conclusion?  Don't waste your 4 bucks for it.  I was so disappointed, it did nothing and I tried it everywhere in the house - even the coffeemaker.  To their credit, the product contains zero chemicals which I totally appreciate.  Why is it though all the new cleaning products NEVER work for me? I'm totally sticking with my baking soda and vinegar.

I even wrote to the company. 

I felt they should know. 

So what did they do? 

They sent me more samples.

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  1. Ohh - Gearheart! Have fun and eat a pastry at the bakery for me please:)


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